IA 2017 | Technology Workshops

Training workshops on inhalation drug delivery were held during IA17. These workshops were a joint effort between the Inhalation Asia and exhibitors.

Copies of the lecture slides can be found below.

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IA17 - W1
Advanced Analytical Techniques for the Testing of Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products: How to Build Confidence in the In- Vitro Data for Your Generic Product
Chris Vernall
IA17 - W2
The critical role of primary packaging in Dry Powder Inhalers
Peter Claessens
IA17 - W3
Considerations for Non-Clinical Inhalation Drug Development
Simon Moore
IA17 - W4
Accelerate Respiratory Drug Product Development with Spray Pattern Analysis as a Sensitive Screening Tool
Ben Okorodudu
IA17 - W5
In-Vitro Bioequivalence Testing for Inhaled and Nasal Spray Products
Dino Farina
IA17 - W6
Physiochemical Analysis Techniques for Nasal Spray IVBE Assessments
Paul Kippax
IA17 - W7
Avoiding the traps.... A review of a few of the less well known problems in MDI manufacture
Tim Noakes
IA17 - W8
Inhalation Lactose, Influence on Flow and Deposition
John Swarbrick
IA17 - W9
“AR/VR for Inhaled Drug Delivery” Inhalation Asia 2017
Derek Mathers