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Inhalation Asia 2019 will take place at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park in Sha Tin.
It is organised in partnership and hosted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK Pharmacy).

The programe of IA19 can be found below. It is packed with insightful lectures to help you understand your products and make new ones, including soft mist inhalers, DPIs, pMDIs, generic of Ellipta, nasal products. Want to know what are the OINDP regulatiosn in Japan? In China? come and find out at IA19.

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Cocktail reception on Weds 13 Nov 2019 for IA19 delegates:

H&T Presspart is inviting IA19 delegates to a cocktail reception and networking event on Wednesday 13th November at the Hyatt Regency Hotel ShaTin from 18:30 to 20:30. To reserve your place and confirm your attendance, please email Emily. Presspart is looking forward to welcoming you on the night.


Lectures and the exhibition are planned throughout the 3 days event: from Weds 13 Nov 2019 Lunchtime to Friday 15 Nov 2019 17:30.
The lectures will take place in the Charles K.Kao Auditorium at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.
The exhibition will be hosted in Hall 1/F Lakeside 2 at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

Plenary Lectures:

COPD in China: burden and strategies to improve clinical management
Prof. RongChang Chen
Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, China

Inhalation products: how much inspiration vs perspiration?
Prof. Igor Gonda
Respidex, USA

Inhalable formulation to overcome biopharmaceutical limitations
Prof. Satomi Onoue
University of Shizuoka, Japan

Weds 13 November 2019

Session1 - Inhaled therapies beyond COPD and asthma.
This session looks at the application of inhaled therapies beyond the treatment of lung disease.

An inhaled therapy for urge urinary incontinence
Dr Qun Shao
CrystecPharma, UK

Liposomal iloprost formulation prolongs pulmonary arterial pressure reduction
Ms Cathy Ko Chieh Chen
Pharmosa Biopharm Inc., Taiwan

Inhaled phage therapy for MDR bacterial lung infections
Dr Shui Yee Leung
Chinese University Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Session 2 – Window on China
This session looks at research on inhaled drug deliver in China. Showcasing the best in China: research groups, latest research and ideas, industry and academia.

RNA therapeutics – how to make it inhalable?
Prof Jenny Lam
Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

Intranasal delivery targeting polyglutamine diseases
Prof Joan Zuo
Chinese University Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Bioanalytical challenges for inhalation drug BE studies
Dr Min Meng
Chongqing Denali Medpharma Co.,Ltd, China

Evaluation of an inhaled medicine for pulmonary fibrosis
Dr Wen Tan
Guandong University of Technology, China

Thursday 14 November 2019

Session 3 – Developing inhalers
This session is looks at the many aspects of developing inhalers and making them ready for filing and commercial launch. It is led by the experienced product developers and shares the latest technology and knowledge necessary to accelerate the development of inhaled products. It focusses on DPI, Soft Mist and pMDIs.

How to please the FDA: velocity measurement in support of In-Vitro studies
Dr Seamus Murphy
Oxford Lasers, UK

Machine Options for Different pMDI Formulations
Mr Benjamin Margot
Pamasol Willi Mäder AG, Switzerland

The challenges of taking a DPI from idea to manufacturing
Dr Wenzel Novak
Gerresheimer, Germany

Right first time: shortcuts from lab to production of inhalers
Mr Marco Laackman
Harro Hoefliger, Germany

Advanced analytical techniques for generic OINDP development
Mr Mark Parry
Intertek, UK

New Frontiers in Approval of Generic OINDPs in the United States
Dr Jag Shur
Nanopharm, UK

The challenges of taking a DPI from idea to manufacturing
Dr Wenzel Novak
Gerresheimer, Germany

MDI technology: Problems, solutions and tomorrow’s innovations
Dr Tim Noakes
Koura Global, UK

Friday 15 November 2019

Session 4 – Window on Japan
This session looks at OINDP expertise in Japan: form industry to academia; players, products, technology, regulations. What market and how to access it.

Spray-freeze-dried powders for inhaled gene therapy
Prof Tomoyuki Okuda
Meijo University, Japan

Regulatory perspective on evaluation methods for inhalations in Japan
Dr Hiroyuki Yoshida
National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan

Inkjet technology providing for uniform-sized particles
Dr Tatsuru Moritani
Ricoh company ltd, Japan

Development of inhalable nanoparticles using flash nanoprecipitation
Prof Hideyuki Sato
University of Shizuoka, Japan

Session 5 – Making Soft Mist Inhalers
The session looks at the science of soft mist and how to make successful SMI products including generics of Respimat. How to make, study and file softmist products

Aerosol dynamics: Let’s max-up the dose of the Respimat
Dr Allen Haddrell
University of Bristol, UK

Critical Quality Attributes Comparison between SMIs and pMDIs
Dr Linda Liao
Proveris, USA

The Respimat: aerosol generation redefined
Dr Herbert Wachtel
Boerhinger Inhelheim, Germany

Session 6 – Making Gx Ellipta: lessons learnt from Diskus
This session looks at what has been learnt from making generic Diskus and how the lessons can help accelerate the development of DPI products and making generics of Ellipta.

What follows after deposition? Investigating the dissolution of inhaled products
Dr Fabio Sonvico
University of Parma, Italy

Impact of solid state on inhaled particle dissolution
Prof Rob Price
University of Bath, UK

In vivo bioequivalence studies for generic DPIs
Dr Keith Gallicano
Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services, USA

Registration: Registration for the event is now opened; you can register on line here: REGISTER TO ATTEND IA19

Important Deadlines:

13 November 2019: Start of IA19

We will be posting regular updates on the programe on this website, on our group on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Inhalation Asia), on our discussion board on WeChat (ID inhalation Asia), via Twitter (@inhalationasia) and via our mailing list, which you can join by cliking on "JOIN" in the top right hand corner of this page. Keep in touch.


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