IA 2015 | AJPS Special Issue

Inhalation Asia teamed up with the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences to edit a special issue dedicated to inhalation drug delivery. AJPS is an open access journal, and access to the special issue is free of charge. Please click on the titles below to be redirected to the AJPS website.

Welcome to this special issue of AJPS on inhalation drug delivery

The effects of surface morphology on the aerosol performance of spray-dried particles within HFA 134a based metered dose formulations

Novel potential for optimization of antitubercular therapy: pulmonary delivery of rifampicin lipospheres

Optimizing aerosolization of a high-dose L-Arginine powder for pulmonary delivery

Mathematical approach for understanding deagglomeration behaviour of powder in formulations with coarse carrier

The influence of amino acids on aztreonam spray-dried powders for inhalation

Inhaled nicotine replacement therapy

Practical, regulatory and clinical considerations for development of inhalation drug products

Inhalation of nanoparticles-based drug for lung cancer treatment: advantages and challenges

Delivery of Theophylline as dry powder for inhalation

Rethinking bioequivalence and equivalence requirements of orally inhaled drug products