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Research in pulmonary drug delivery has become increasingly active in the Asia/Pacific region. With this comes a need for a forum that caters for the interests of Asian researchers and industry.

Inhalation Asia is a non-commercial conference that aims to provide an opportunity for people who work on pulmonary and intranasal drug delivery in Asia to network and showcase their research, products and services.

By fostering communication between inhalation scientists in the region, Inhalation Asia promotes the advancement of R&D activities in Asia/Pacific. The topics include inhalation research (pharmaceutics / clinical / pharmacological / pharmacokinetics / pharmacy practice / chemical etc), traditional therapies, atmospheric pollution, regulatory issues, future developments of inhalation therapies for Asia, and outreach of inhalation research to the international community.

Inhalation Asia is committed to open access information to support advances in inhalation drug delivery. All the information on our website is free, but you need to register to access it and agree to respect authors’ copyrights.

Inhalation Asia is under the patronage of eminent academics from the Asia/Pacific region:

Inhalation Asia is supervised by its board of directors: